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Hello! My name is Caitlin and Boyfriend have literally consumed my life

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So youngmin doesn’t wanna smooch me but that’s okay. he’ll warm up to the idea

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1. What’s your name? CAITLIN the guy at pizza hut yesterday thought it was ‘catlin’
2. When’s your birthday? December 31
3. Where are you from? Pennsylvania
4. Have a crush? the coolest most suave boy ever
5. What’s your favorite color? Black, white, pink, red!
6. Write something in all caps? I ATE A WHOLE PIZZA YESTERDAY
7. Got a favorite band/artist? boifran
8. Favorite number? 25
9. Favorite drink? Diet Pepsi my life water

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lexiphage asked: Caitlin! have you seen the mv for taemin's song?? what did you think?



I DID SEE IT it’s… Like I didn’t really want them to do the whole badass thing with him, but I KNEW they would so I wasn’t surprised? The song itself is good but not the best style for his voice, I think. NOT to say he doesn’t sound good because he really does!! I just hope he’s happy with it - I’m SO proud of him!! I haven’t heard the whole album yet but I’m excited! What about you? (・▽・)

I think I see what you mean about the style of the song, it has a lot of sing-talking in it which can’t showcase singing. It reminded me of Jaejoong in some places and it was cute to see all the very Michael Jackson-y things in there. I liked it! Not my favorite, but I’ll def be bopping along to it (I like Ace more)! 

Yeah definitely! I mean it’s actually been stuck in my head all day so it’s obviously catchy, haha. I think I’ll also like Ace more, though, based on the preview :)